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Conducting Research

We are certain that there is a wealth of information about our destination. However, we are also confident that we can provide the necessary information to turn your ideas into endless possibilities. Glamour engages in high-end, thorough research delaying the chances of unexpected and unwanted surprises.

Event Design & Implementation

As water is to plants, so is our understanding of the importance of an exceptional décor to your event. Glamour will transform your event into a very special occasion that will be long remembered. Our unique service can include complete theme coordination including props, table décor, specialty linens, table favors, food and beverage, and entertainment.

Site Location and Supervision

With an in-depth knowledge of hotels, resorts, tours and attractions island-wide, Glamour provides the ideal location. We use our knowledge of the hospitality industry and long term relationships with the best to benefit you with extra value and service.

Food and Beverage Arrangement

Our understanding and knowledge of the elements involved in menu planning and food and beverage arrangement, makes us your number one consultants. Our arrangements equally satisfy your nutritional needs and heighten your chances to network and relax.

Invitation to Attendees

Greater visibility is our aim as we extend your invites to your group in the most professional and on time manner.


What do you expect from the home of Reggae music? Enjoy live entertainment, or recorded music hassle-free. We will identify and provide the most ideal vendor to suit your need. Also, our well experienced staff will guarantee a delivery of creativity and professionalism.

Consultation and Recommendation

Questions, anyone? From the moment you take up the phone to the minute you regroup to discuss the successes of your meeting, we are ready to address all your concerns and more than happy to give our recommendations.

Event Evaluation

Comments are important to us as they are to you. Our service does not stop when you depart, but continues as we consider and assess the past to make the present more perfect.

Guest Speakers

Should you wish to have Guest Speakers at any of your functions, Glamour has an abundance of intellectuals and artistes on the island that we would be more than happy to contact on your behalf.

Audio-Visual Aides

Let Glamour be your liaison with the hotel or rental agencies to ensure the required equipment is available, delivered on time and operational.


What better way to capture the moment than in stills or on video! Glamour is able to provide expert photographers upon request.

Hospitality Desk

We recommend the service of our staff members to assist the Travel Director or Company Executive at the Hospitality Desk; coordinating all functions, answering all questions relating to the island, helping with sign-ups, possible group check-in, establishing check-out times and baggage pickup, etc., and also to supervise all members of the group leaving the property on tours, dine around etc., taking head counts prior to vehicle's departure.

Ground Transfers

Transportation is provided in deluxe air-conditioned motor coaches. Each group movement is by private bus and will always have a Glamour representative on hand. Private Car or VIP transfers are available upon request. In addition, there are air-conditioned mini-buses, which comfortably seat 6–8 persons with luggage.


Signs and group logos will be displayed on your request, at the airport, hotel lobby, motor coaches, and offsite functions. With notice, we will be able to arrange for signs to be made locally. Spousal and Children's Programmes

From infants to teens, Glamour is geared toward the needs of each age group and offers children the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and play fun games. Without dampening the fun or hampering the activities, all children are carefully supervised by responsible, CPR-trained adults that have been specially trained to meet Glamour high standards. Also, Glamour creates customized programs to meet each client's spousal needs and budget. The same thing doesn't work for every group, environment, time of year, or setting, and Glamour takes all of this into consideration when planning a program.

Themed Events

"Exceptional" and "unforgettable" will be your participants' responses to our themed events. We understand that such an event, if planned carefully, will create more lasting motivation, and what better way to reward employees who have achieved or exceeded their performance objectives?

Cruise Concierge

Cruise Concierge Services are provided in our various Caribbean ports. The choices are unlimited, the scope is vast, the time to impress is limited, but with our customized luxury shore excursions, passengers leave with a taste of our beautiful islands. Our specialty is private tours for individuals or small groups.

Hotel Contracting Assistance

Glamour assists our travel partners actively with propositions and follows up with contracts. We also contract on behalf of small tour operators and travel agents. Using standardized reports, we ensure periodic updates, destination projects, developments, market trends, changes in ownership, management and governments. Language specialists, translators – conversational or document are available as needed.

Flight Concierge

Whether you fly by commercial airline or private jet, Glamour will assist in flight confirmation, off-site check-in, securing seat assignments and preferences, and any other special requests.

Tour Operator Services

Our experts are always available to assist your group during travel with hotel reservations, Meet and Greet services, baggage handling airport transfers, hotel orientations, reconfirm or rebook flights and arrange pick-up times at both airports and hotels. We can also offer a variety of exciting tours to sell to your customers.