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Leisure Groups

You have your destination, a very special place to bring your group. Now the real work begins: putting together a program that is truly unique and unforgettable. Glamour does more than meet your budget, we stretch it. Whatever you choose, we know how to maximize the amount you have to spend.

It’s a big challenge but Glamour is happy to take it on.

As the premier DMC in the Caribbean, we’re proud to say our services are distinctly different, and so are our programs. Our staff is an amazing resource for creative ideas…pick our brains. We will help you construct a program that fits your group’s personality and make sure every phase of your travel is executed on time. We watch the clock, so you don’t have to.

Cruise Groups

The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise destinations, with Jamaica alone hosting over 1 million cruise passengers per year. Glamour’s Cruise Concierge is built to address the specific needs of cruise ship passengers when visiting a destination. We provide Meet and Greet services, and escort passengers to a pre-arranged mode of transportation. Passengers are then escorted on a variety of scheduled activities, which can include scenic tours, beach events, spa visits or shopping trips. The layover time for cruise groups is limited and this gives us an opportunity to customize a tour or an event with memories to motivate and last for a lifetime.

Special Interest & Celebration Groups

At Glamour, we pride ourselves on our ability to determine the best program for your needs. Our travel specialists are experienced in organizing trips for family reunions, graduations and birthday celebrations, anniversaries, retirement and any other gathering you have in mind. We dedicate the same exceptional service to these occasions as we do to large corporate meetings and weddings. (links)

Providing tailor-made, private journeys for any group size is our area of expertise. Specially formed groups such as reunions, educational retreats, religious meetings, and other special gatherings are no exception and we thoroughly enjoy the design and detail of every trip we create. Regardless of the type of accommodation or service you require, Glamour will soar above and beyond to meet your needs.

*Special Note: Should you wish to make your event that much more special by including material and equipment, such as gifts, trophies, or bottles of champagne brought from abroad, you will need to apply to the Ministry of Finance for a waiver of customs duties and bonds. Your application must be received no fewer than 20 working days before date of shipment and travel. Almost all shipments will need the services of a customs broker.


You will need to:

  • Provide the name of the group
  • Purpose of the visit dates
  • Number of people
  • Ground operator and group leader.
  • Supply complete shipping information, including airway-bill and date of arrival in Jamaica.
  • Write a complete description of items to be shipped (including quantities), including approximate value and serial numbers. Where appropriate, copies of invoices may be attached.


General Group Services

  • Pre-arrange tours & excursions
  • Complete event planning
  • Confirmation and flight pre-seating
  • Consultation & recommendations
  • Site inspection & selection
  • Book accommodations
  • Airport porterage & baggage handling
  • Ground transportation
  • Personalized meet and greet services
  • Hospitality desk
  • On-site trip director
  • Signage creation
  • Food & beverage arrangements
  • Dine around


Additional Leisure Group Services

  • Scheduling leisure activities
  • Theme events
  • Sports tournaments
  • Parties and galas
  • Photography