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Team Building Samples

Beach Olympics

Compete as teams in a series of games designed to enhance problem solving skills and good communication. Under the directives of a Master of Ceremony, the teams will be engaged in a number of events such as the bucket race, three-legged race, musical chairs, and reggae & limbo contests. Ready to go for the gold?

Cooking with Local Jerk Chefs

What better way to sample the food of natives rather than to be a cook yourself. With the help of some of the island’s best ‘jerk chefs’, learn the history and secrets of jerking as you observe and then participate in creating a mouth-watering and appealing meal! Are you ready for the sizzle?

Mad Mad Hunt

Get ready for a barrel of laughs as we send you on a Mad, Mad, Mad Hunt! Roam around on property and collect unique items, get involved in challenging, but hysterical photo opportunities all in the name of pure madness! Uniquely designed, this program is a fantastic way for participants to unveil the strengths and skills of themselves and fellow team members. Endless surprises! Get ready for the taking! We would tell you some things we have had on our searches in the past, but where is the fun and surprise in that?

Raft Building

Raft building is an exercise in teamwork and communication. Each team will build a raft out of the materials we provide. After a short, but detailed demonstration, the teams begin the process on their own. Sounds easy? Here is the catch: the first team to complete building their raft must race it around a torch offshore, light it and return to the starting point in order to be declared the winner. How well their raft functions as a whole depends on how well they "bridge the communication gap" with their construction partners.

Sand Castle

A team activity sure to spark creativity, while plans are discussed and finalized and a natural division of labor occurs. Cooperation becomes paramount while abstract business concepts are reduced to practice and experienced in this non-threatening, yet competitive, environment of a sand castle contest. Entries are then judged and winners rewarded accordingly. A sense of accomplishment and a great deal of self-satisfaction is guaranteed.

Treasure Hunt

An intellectual challenge. A unique Jamaican hunt at Half Moon which takes the participants through the various properties. Groups must work together to solve a series of tricky, puzzling riddles and clues, leading to "mystery" locations pre-determined by the hunt master. They must put their heads together -- brainstorming and problem-solving -- drawing on each other's skills and knowledge. Ready for the challenge?