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Destination Wedding Marriage Requirements

What do I need to get married in Jamaica?

Here is a comprehensive list of requirements for marriage in Jamaica. You will need certified or original documents (in English) with the following information:

  • Full names of the bride and the groom (first, middle and last names).
  • Full names of the mother and father of the bride and the groom (first, middle and last names).
  • Proof of citizenship: original or notarized copy of Birth Certificates for bride and groom.
  • Occupations of the bride, the groom, and both sets of parents.
  • If divorced, original or notarized Decree Absolute papers must be produced.
  • If widowed, the original or notarized copy of the former partner's Death Certificate must be produced.
  • If either party is less than 18 years of age, written consent must be given by his/her parents.
  • Legal proof must be presented if either party has changed their name by Deed Poll.

Although a couple can get married after 24 hours of arrival, it takes approximately four weeks to obtain a marriage license provided that they have already applied through the Ministry of National Security. Should you like our assistance, we can make special arrangements in advance of your arrival.

*Special note for Italians & Canadians:
Italians getting married in Jamaica have special requirements to ensure that their marriages are legally recognized at home.
French Canadians must provide both notarized English translations of their French documents and copies of the French originals.


Cruise Weddings

Glamour’s professional planners can take care of every aspect of your on-shore wedding. In addition to our comprehensive Wedding Services, we offer transfers for all guests to and from the cruise ship and your wedding location. Our exceptional wedding services and destination options will ensure you and your guests enjoy every moment of your celebration.

What do I need to get married on a cruise to Jamaica?

  1. Bride and Groom must be in Jamaica for a total of 5 hours inclusive of the time the cruise docks.
  2. Should you like to make special arrangements, please forward the following at least one month prior to your preferred wedding date:
    • Notarized copies of Bride and Groom's birth certificates
    • Notarized copies of divorce decrees or death certificates (if applicable)
    • Occupation of both candidates
    • Occupation and names of both sets of parents
    • Date and time of the wedding
Special Notes:
  • Two witnesses are required for the actual wedding ceremony and can be provided by Glamour.
  • According to current Jamaican law, weddings must be performed before 6:00pm.
  • The non-denominational Marriage Officer or Minister of Religion will perform the ceremony at your chosen location.
  • Church weddings may have special requirements requiring documentation from your church or certain arrangements, depending on your denomination. In the case of Roman Catholics, for instance, a letter from your priest at home is required to prove that you have received marriage counseling.
  • Cayman Islands also requires an international embarkation/ disembarkation card or ship’s boarding pass.


*Please Note: Glamour has the ability to make your special arrangements on any island in the Caribbean and can provide the requirements for that island as well. Below are the requirements for Jamaica.
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