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In other circumstances it will be necessary to use another Windows utility to make the letter assignment to the selected partition. The utility we will use to do this is the diskpart utility and must be run from an administrator command prompt. For a How To on command prompt usage click HERE. Anytime Windows shuts down abnormally or has a system crash, it can cause corruption. Over time, you can expect that you will experience such corruption. Running chkdsk as part of a normal maintenance routine is good practice if you wish to do so.

As we all know, Windows offers users an inbuilt disk check utility – CHKDSK. But, if Windows CHKDSK is stuck at some stage, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to troubleshoot this issue. As files increase in size, some data is written to the next available cluster on the disk. In time, data becomes fragmented and spread over nonadjacent clusters on the hard drive. As a result, it takes longer to locate and retrieve each section of the data. A disk defragmenter gathers the noncontiguous data into one place, making the OS run faster.

How to fix A Disk Read error occurred Windows 10?

The sidebar lists all the event categories on the left-hand side of the Event Viewer window. This button will expand the available sub-categories under Windows Logs. Windows Event Viewer will show up at the top of the search. Click on it to open Event Viewer in a new window. Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog, type eventvwr.msc, and click/tap on OK. However, keep in mind that you’ll almost always see warnings or errors in the Windows Event Viewer.

It is great to have an authoritative one-stop-shop. This tutorial will show you how to read the Windows Update logs for your Windows 10 PC. On the Advanced Security menu, click the checkbox named “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects“. Next, click on the OK button to save the changes.

  • Disk Check can identify and automatically correct file system errors and it makes sure that user can continue to load and write data from the hard disk.
  • For Windows 10 users, the issue is likely to be pretty common.
  • This message refers to the problem on your hard drive or issues during the process of the reading disk with the operating system.

Enter the command as the shortcut path and follow the rest of the on-screen instruction to complete creating the shortcut. The /x parameter is to disable auto check for the selected drives on startup. Don't write and add new data after the loss of hard disk data.

Do you know how to view the crash and error logs in Windows 10? There are various methods on how you can view the windows crash logs using different techniques. You can use Event Viewer to look at Windows 10 crash logs. The built-in tool Event Viewer may be used to view Windows 10 crash logs.

Fixing bad sectors in Windows 10 or Windows 11

If you are using a DOS-based operating system, then you can just take the assistance of the Check Disk command. To do this, just launch Terminal/Command Prompt on your system and type the command "CHKDSK" followed by the drive name you wish to scan. Your system will carefully scan the respective drive and will get rid of minor drive problems. Firstly, install and launch Recoverit on any working computer, and from its home, select the crashed system recovery option.

Back up your files before swapping

Grab this White paper and evaluate your options along with specific needs for your environment. And they are faster than HDDs too – in fact, more than 10x faster. Furthermore, they also require less maintenance. Finally, unlike HDDs, there are no moving parts in SSD drives, thanks to SSDs technology.