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Being on the frontline of a DMC’s operations, you get all kinds of questions, comments, complaints and concerns. You name it! I have heard it! But, there is that one question that would make me cringe - EVERYTIME. Here goes, “Jamaica is known for great marijuana, where can I get it to buy?” For years I was not able to come up with a creative response. No matter how hard I tried, my tongue gets twisted, stomach in knots and words stumbling over each other to come out of my mouth with the appropriate answer.

Today - as I walked into “Island Strain Herb House”, the truth of my conversation with one of my Russian clients from the night prior was being revealed before my very eyes. Jamaica, my rock-my island home was indeed “progressive” as he had called it. His apt description gave me a sense of pride. My nation, my people like Bob Marley and Usain Bolt who already blazed a trail in music and sports (respectively) in the global arena – did it once AGAIN!

The “Herb House” nestled in the heartbeat of the bustling “Hip-Strip” of Montego Bay, Jamaica proved to be solution to not only my question-and-answer trials; but it also satisfies the curious mind of a discerning traveler seeking to discover the enigma behind Jamaica’s great “marijuana”. I must admit that I had apprehension about introducing this new concept to my clients. I clearly understand that not everyone has an appetite for this still somewhat taboo pastime. However, the wind of Canada legalizing recreational marijuana was behind my wings, I made my first attempt. The response, well -OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE! For a minute, I asked myself if I was living on or under the rock?!

As you approach, the exterior is quite an understatement to the tantalizing, beguiling and sundry aromas that quickly captivate your nostrils as you enter the doors of this iconic establishment. The ambiance can be likened to the calm that they say you will feel after the “marijuana experience.” Upon entering you will notice a medical practitioner, quietly seated in the corner, ready to assist clients wanting to make purchases but are without a recommendation. There is something for everyone who comes seeking; but, they have been licensed to provide strains to persons seeking an alternative to manage insomnia, pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite among countless other medical conditions. Of interest to many - all herb strains and handling are 100% local from seed to sale, making all purchases authentically Jamaican. For anyone whose anxiety will not permit him/her to leave without relishing in his/her purchase, “the herb house” provides a smoker’s room to satisfy one’s indulgence. For the non-smokers in your company, the neighboring, Lounge 2727 is just the right spot with a stupendous ocean view where you choose from a wide selection of top-shelf liquors.The option for outdoors overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea is always available.

Lounge 2727 is worth exploring. The breathtaking setting is inspired by the vision to create a modern yet comfortable area for you to enjoy. Experience amazing sunset, bask in the glow of twilight, indulge in good company, fine wines and sensational cocktails.

About Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson is a graduate in Economics from Davidson College, North Carolina and trained in all aspects of banking. Having grown up in hospitality and tourism, it was only natural for her to return to the company that was launched by her parents. She has been with Glamour Luxury Destination Concierge since 2007 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer.

About Glamour

Glamour Luxury Destination Concierge is strategically headquartered in the tourism mecca of Montego Bay, Jamaica – one island with several amazing destinations. We provide limitless access to the many shades of the country, be it serene and scenic to vibrant and vivacious. The company provides services throughout the island of Jamaica. The full menu offers services that include private ground transportation, expedited and VIP airport arrival & departure, Customized tours and excursions, accommodation rate negotiations, meetings and events planning among a wide array of other services. Jamaica has a celebrated history of superior customer service and Glamour keeps the history alive by continuously exceeding clients’ expectations with intuitive high-touch service! The company also prides itself on its social responsibility with its environmentally friendly and community outreach programme - “Partnership with a Mission”.

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