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Travel is fantasy. Travel is wanderlust. Travel is magic. Travel is therapy. Travel is comfort. Travel is education. Travel is personal. Travel is commerce. Travel is your identity as a citizen of the world. Travel is a rare place, thing, or action quite indescribable to the say least that provides a soul-satisfying connection with yourself, loved-ones, friends, and the world at large. Travel is quite an adequate measuring cup of confirmations that you have lived and experienced the world and its people to the fullest. 

For us here at Glamour, travel is in our DNA. It is our business and the way we do our business. One would think that because selling Jamaica is our business then we knew everything Jamaica. Through the years it is our clients who have led us into some of the most tantalizing, daring, and memorable experiences of our beautiful island home. However, the big “SHOOK” hit us that we had somehow lost our sense of adventure in our wonderings about Jamaica. COVID-19 for us as it is so for many was that tsunami that abruptly came ashore, with no warning, and permanently changed our course of travel and set our sails in the right direction.

Borders shut and travel restrictions from near and afar in place combined with doing research to keep you, our discerning readers, inspired throughout our blog; aptly reminded us that how insanely rich, deep, beautiful, and diverse this “little-big” island is. You see, Jamaica like travel is golden. It is sacred. Its pure magic. For us and Christopher Columbus who called Jamaica “the fairest isle,” there is nowhere else in the world like it. And, of course, out of many - our bold, ebullient, colourful and proud people who are just as rich as the soil from which they come.

Yes – we know the obvious that Jamaica is a country in the Caribbean. But by the end of our first season of blogs you will fully understand that it is so much more than just an island. So, for now and the purpose of this blog let us call our study of Jamaican adventure “Jamaicanism.” 

Let’s find more about Jamaica:

By my definition, it is the study of all things Jamaica. And what are all things Jamaica? Well, the list of all things is inexhaustible but over the next few weeks we will zoom in on some things Jamaica.

  1. Chattings/Patois – Language is the key to understanding people and their cultural mechanics.  If you don’t get what they are saying or even the gist of it then the authenticity of the Jamaican experience may get lost on you. First step is a crash course in “patois” aka Jamaican dialect. Once you step off that plane onto Jamaican shores you can switch over from “Howdy! How y’all doin’ today?” to “Yow, mi reach! Mi need a well cool beer fi ketch up mi stomach!” That statement translates, “I am here! I need a cold beer in my stomach!” Don’t worry just travel with us and you will understand us in no time. 
  2. Nyammins’/ Food Culture – One thing you will discover pretty quickly about most if not all Jamaicans is that “we luv fi nyam” which means we like to eat. If we are invited to weddings or even attend funerals, all Jamaicans look forward to the food at the reception or repast. Fruit cakes at weddings or the ‘mannish wata’ at repasts had be better be good or else your name will be on the “lighthouse top” for the rest of the week. Before heading to Jamaica, most visitors anticipate the smell and taste of “Jerk” but similar to our love of food, we love to cook. Yes, we will talk some about jerk but please open your minds to travel an incomparable and authentic Jamaican culinary experience.

I have detailed two things Jamaica for you here, but we will discuss Riddims (Music Culture) and learn to “fleary” (dance culture) along the way.  I promise you that we are going “do road” and really “fine out wah dis ting” called “Jamaicansim” really means.

Welcome my friends! Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!  Jamaica excites. Jamaica inspires. 

This is travel! THIS IS JAMAICA!