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Sheltered by the Blue Mountains, the Kingston Resort area is bordered to the north by Jamaica’s largest mountain range and to the south by the world’s 7th largest natural harbour. The resort area of Kingston provides a contrast of experiences that cannot be found in any other resort area or across the region. Kingston provides opportunities for natural, historical, cultural and recreational experiences.

Often referred to as “the heartbeat of Jamaica”, Kingston is considered the business and cultural capital of the Caribbean. The area is home to many thriving educational and entrepreneurial institutions as well as numerous entertainment and recreational facilities.  Access to the area is made easy through the Norman Manley International Airport, the Tinson Pen Aerodrome, and a healthy road network.

The seat of government for the island, Kingston is the official home for the Governor General (the Queen’s representative on island), the Prime Minister’s Residence and Office (Vale Royal and Jamaica House respectively), as well as the region’s largest University campus (the University of the West Indies).

The Kingston resort area’s sights include:

  • The historic towns of Spanish Town and Port Royal
  • Theatres, playhouses and clubs
  • Meeting spaces of varying sizes and budgets
  • Galleries, craft shops and markets
  • Gardens and coffee farms
  • Bird watching and hiking trails
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